Experience the power of mindfulness, life changing leadership perspectives and magical connections

How Mindfulness@Work can change the way you work

Gain from thought leadership

Llama brings together global leaders to inspire and empower people to reach their maximum potential at work and in life.

Make meaningful connections

Engage in meaningful discussions and activities with the best minds of the world, as they talk about the future of workplace wellbeing.

Experience mindfulness

A 2-hour session conducted by Gopi Krishnaswamy, acclaimed mindfulness teacher and author, and founder of Llama

Mindfulness@Work Global Summits

Experience the superpower of Mindfulness from the world famous and Google’s No. 1 Search Inside Yourself program.

Spearheaded by Llama, Mindfulness@Work Global Summits are a first of their kind event.

Upcoming Events

Mindfulness@Work City Summit Mumbai

To be announced…

Mindfulness@Work City Summit Singapore

To be announced…

Mindfulness@Work City Summit Sydney/Melbourne

To be announced…

Past Events

Mindfulness@Work City Summit Bangalore

28 April 2023

Venue: Grand Mercure, Gopalan Mall, Old Madras Road