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With Llama’s cohort-based courses(CBCs), train your people in the critical skills needed to thrive in today’s workplaces. Harness the power of community-based learning and drive lasting behavior changes throughout your organization.

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How it works?

Baselining Assessments

All programs start with an initial baselining assessment that is customized to evaluate individuals and teams based on different factors like self-awareness, well-being, resilience, and focus. These assessments are also carried out at the end of the program to gauge the progress made during the training period.

Live Masterclasses

Masterclasses are interactive and experiential sessions led by experienced Llama Master teachers. These sessions provide students with a practical experience of mindfulness and related teachings through guided practices and activities. By participating in live masterclasses, students have the opportunity to ask questions, seek clarification, and engage in discussions with both the teachers and their fellow students.

Integrated Micropractices

After every Masterclass, participants gain access to the Llama learning management system (LMS). This platform provides them with a range of audio-video resources and guided DIY practices that they can engage in independently. These resources are designed to enhance their understanding, leading to habit formation, and ultimately resulting in behavior changes over time.

What gets measured, gets improved

Get insightful and actionable analytics at an individual, team, and enterprise level. With these, you can measure the efficacy and progress of different training programs and make informed decisions.

Transformation integrated into the workflow

Integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams allow you to have practices integrated into your daily worklife

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