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Team Llama

Gopi Krishnaswamy

Founder & CEO

For many years now, I have been very proud of the culture at the organisations I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. Whether it was my startups or world class companies like IDEO or SIY, time and again I’ve seen that when you set up a place with a great culture (not easy!), the rest follows.

Success for me therefore has been about doing what you love, doing it really well, being happy doing it AND getting paid for it! And my dream for Llama is to have people find that success here.

I may be the Founder of Llama, but I actually see myself more as a gardener, tending to the pasture of the Llamas. It is my intent that my Llama team functions less as an organisation and more as an organism.

This means, we take care of each other. We support each other in success and importantly, in ‘failure’ too. Because after all, at Llama, we are in the business of creating better human ‘beings’. Not just human ‘doings’.

Krishan Sharma

CO-Founder & COO

Why do we work? What purpose does professional work hold in the larger scheme of our lives?

Over the years, having worked on multiple startups, I have come to realise that true work is just a reflection of who we are, an extension of our beings and a great workplace is a place which enables this unfolding, where true self expression can lead us on the path of self discovery.

At Llama, we intend to create a culture around the core beliefs we have as people.

We believe that Authenticity trumps Professionalism.
We believe asking the right Questions is more important than knowing the appropriate Answers.
We believe ideas are more important than who they are coming from.
We believe you gotta love the game first, before jumping in to fight the battle.
Most importantly, we know Humans are more important than Employees.

Having seen the good, great and not so good of the tech world, I strongly believe in leveraging tech to work FOR Human Wellbeing rather than against it.

When not working on startups or discussing philosophy I am busy losing money at the poker tables.

Kalyani Mehendale

Head Client Engagement

Any business is ultimately about its people and I help organisations build people-centered cultures.

As a founding team member at Llama, I enjoy working with our global clientele in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, High performance and Wellbeing. And all this, using Mindfulness at the heart of it all.

In my earlier roles as a consultant, I worked primarily in the areas of People and Thinking. As a long time Design Thinking practitioner, I’ve always looked to human behaviour and needs for insights to drive strategy and innovation. In the last 20 years, I have helped organisations across industries to solve people problems using best practices like Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile.

I now combine my experience in consulting, workshop facilitation, corporate training and coaching to engage with clients and help them discover and achieve the highest potential of their people.

I have lived and worked in India, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai, where I’m currently based.


Community & Ops Lead

As someone deeply passionate about helping others, my journey began in the hospitality sector, where I spent over a decade working with global brands like Oberoi Hotels, Hilton, and Accor.

However, a personal journey into mental health led me to make some transformative choices. This shift brought me into the realm of wellbeing, a field where I could blend my hospitality expertise with a deep commitment to holistic employee support.

I firmly believe that my transition into the wellbeing sphere gives me a unique perspective, allowing me to bridge the gap between exceptional service and comprehensive workplace wellness. At team Llama, I’m thrilled to contribute to redefining wellbeing in the workplace, ensuring that employees feel supported and valued.

I am also a certified Holistic Sound Healer, specialising in the use of Tibetan Singing Bowls for both individual and group sessions.

Outside of work, you might find me playing tennis, immersed in a gaming session on the PlayStation, or spending quality time with Nila, my beloved Indie dog. There’s nothing like the joy of being with family and friends to keep my spirits high!

Ekta Jha

Client Engagement Manager

My journey into mental health and wellbeing started with studying psychology, which opened up a whole new world for me. It helped me understand how our minds work and why we behave the way we do.

Working in customer service showed me just how useful these insights can be in real-life interactions, sparking my passion even more. Joining Llama felt like a natural fit, combining my love for psychology with my knack for sales and creativity.

Here, I get to blend my understanding of human behavior with the art of persuasion, creating stories that really connect with people. Outside of work, I enjoy dancing, traveling, and spending time in nature.

Debdutta Guha

Client Engagement Associate

As someone deeply passionate about mental well-being and human emotions, I began my career as a Human Resource Professional. I firmly believe that Human Resources is about people. Without a dash of human touch, HR loses its essence, and without empathy, compassion, and random acts of kindness, there’s no good thing left in the world.

At team Llama, I am dedicated to fostering a positive work culture and promoting the mental well-being of employees. My goal is to create an environment where everyone feels heard, understood, and valued. I aim to cultivate a workplace that not only thrives on productivity but also on genuine human connections.

Outside of work, you can often find me engaging in activities that bring joy and relaxation. I love talking to and playing with dogs, immersing myself in a good book, and spending quality time with my family.

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